Organic Layer Chicken (17%)

Organic Layer Chicken (17%)


Weight : 25 lbs

  • Soy-free feed ideal for those on a no-soy diet
  • Scientifically-formulated balance of protein, calcium, premium nutrients, and the exclusive New Heritage blend of natural essential oils
  • Versatile feed supports laying hens, as well as other bird varieties
  • Natural essential oils optimize nutrition for organic flocks by complementing and fortifying their immune systems; flocks can fight disease and infection without antibiotics or excessive medication
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Whether you’re an experienced hand or it’s your first time with a backyard chicken coop, New Heritage 17% Organic Chicken and All Flock No-Soy Layer Feed can be a friend to you and your flock. New Heritage is committed to animal wellbeing and the happiness of their owners. That means we provide high quality, soy-free ingredients, and combine them with our exclusive natural essential oil blend. An organic, soy-free diet for you and your family begins with a healthy flock. And a healthy flock starts with a healthy diet.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 28 in
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25# Organic Chicken, No-Soy




25 lb, 8 lb

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All Natural and Organic